Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pimpin' All Over the World

TWSS was spreading its seed this weekend with a veritable smorgasbord of racing in all different area codes: 410 516 301 610 215. And I am really glad to see, that despite the incredibly shitty rain that has plagued us this past week and will continue for the week ahead, that we came out on top. Like the remix says, "cause we're out here grindin"

Seriously, just look at the right hand side of the blog for the race results. The thing looks to be 10 pages long!


Fiesta 5k - Brennan made his return to competitive racing, but it was Collin who ruled the day, notching a W and lowering his official PR to 17:02. Brennan, meanwhile, was competing for the first time since his marathon, and was glad to not have foot pain. Jim Adams also ran, marking race #1 for the weekend.

Apple Blossom 10k - It's not often that you would see a couple of people from up here wind up at the same random 10k in Winchester, VA, but that was the case at the Apple Blossom Festival. Chrissie placed 7th, but was the first domestic finisher, in 36:15. This was a PR for her, and while she was disappointed to not have gotten the win, and the chance to be the Apple Blossom Princess and ride on the parade float, she did earn some $ for being first American. Tom Stott finished well for his first race of the weekend, and fiance Patty Sweeney ran a great time in her FROW.

Indy Mini Marathon - This is a big race, so when I looked up results and saw that Julia finished 8th overall and in 1:19:06 I was floored. Then I looked at her splits, which were 30:19 at 5, 1:00:33 at 10 and then ran an 18:33 5k for the slight negative split race. Amazing!


Broad Street - I thought more people were running this, but they didn't show up in the results so I guess they weren't there. Old Ass Kris Simms was there (OAK, new nickname possibly?) and believes that the 10 mile race is just "not his distance". I still think he did pretty well. And, in keeping tradition, it was Kris' turn to have the bus carrying his stuff inadvertently wind up in NJ. Me and T suffered that fate last year. Lee DiPietro was originally supposed to do the Pittsburgh Marathon, but after a minor snafu ended up in Philly, and finished 13th with a 1:02:04. And as always, Dr. Rodney Taylor was up there, finishing in the respectable time of 1:04:55. He's headed for his first triathlon (Columbia) in two weeks, so we'll be looking for him.

Making Tracks for Celiac 5k/10k - I got there and must have just missed the 5k finish, but Tom Stott ran just a shade over 18 for his second race of the weekend, and Orla ran to her second win of the season in 19:59. Megan McNew finished 2nd in 20:40ish, and this was a day after running the LEAD Strong Half up on the NCR Trail. Jim Adams ran his second race of the weekend, as did Patty Sweeney. In the 10k, Ben showed that his 2:32 was no fluke (psyche!) and won by what seemed like an eternity. He also displayed no signs of being tired whatsoever. I hate you Ben. Anyway he ran 34:50 with splits of 6:08, 5:53, 5:41, 5:45, and then 11:22 for his last 2.2 (5:07ish pace). Amazing.

Billy Korrow Memorial 5k - Some of you may remember Ed Jablonski and his son Matt, they came out and did a few workouts with us last summer. Anyway, Matt won the 5k in 16:43 and his dad ran well, going 20:48.

Frederick Running Festival - First things first - Denise freaking KILLED it. She won the marathon in 3:02:20 by 18 minutes over the next competitor. In the half, Molly Hyde finished 6th. Joel David Brusewitz, aka Hollywood, ran a solid 5.9 mile leg of the relay.

Pittsburgh Marathon Relay - Barf, realizing he may have overshot his load with training recently, ran well but apparently his tactic of "rabbiting" followed by "tapering" during the race may not have paid off. I guess it was a 7 mile split for him, which was 49 minutes. Either way Barf, way to get back on the wagon.

A special shout out to Alex Viana, who raced in Lancaster on Saturday and in Philly today, and more importantly sounded really excited about both efforts and the outlook for the season. I'm always glad to hear people sound excited. Tiny little Claire also competed in a bike race, which was a criterium somewhere in Southern MD or something.

But there can only be ONE Purple Drink Athlete of the Week, and for that award we need look no further than the reason the award exists: Terence Baptiste!

Terence had a breakthrough race at the Long Island Half Marathon, running a 1:18:50. This is a HUGE PR for T, and finally mirrors his 10 mile time. I'm really psyched for him, it's always nice to have a breakout race before the summer and fall. He came through the 10k in 37:17, which is just over 6min pace, and hit 10 miles in 1:00:11. He kept right on pace and finished up strong to finish 13th overall. Great job Terence!

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