Monday, May 11, 2009


"Money as balls" ~ Barfolomew J. Gladfelter

This weekend was fairly money as balls. Of course if you sat inside through most of it you might have caught the Saturday trifecta of Street Fighter (G4), Blue Crush (USA) and Crash (FX).

Jim jumped off another double weekend with the Friends-Park Schools 5k. He emailed me after to let me know not to bother to look up results, cause he sucked. 24:02. Fortunately for Jim, I doubt they'll even post those results so I never would have found out about it. He was then racing the Pretty Boy 10k on Sunday, but BRRC takes a year to post their results so we'll find out by next weekend.

Meg McNew held it down with a W at Dundalk Pond Skipper 5k. I don't know if the course was short or if she just pulled something from way deep down in her ass cavity, but damn - 18:58??

Sunday was the Kinetic Sprint Triathlon in VA. Last year OJ and I went down to this race and it was raining harder than anything I've ever seen. There was even thunder, yet they did not cancel it. We did fairly well last year, but came back this year looking for a good race. The weather did not disappoint; in fact I remarked that it was probably the nicest weather I've ever raced in. A truly perfect day: sunny, blue skies, no wind, good air temp and perfect water temp. This, plus being in really good shape, led to the W for OJ. For me, it led to another 11th place finish. Bleh. Swim was actually fairly decent, bike was so-so, run was terrible.

An early season win in dominating fashion led to OJ earning this week's Purple Drink Athlete of the Week.

What's up next? Well, obviously don't forget about tonight's Fed Hill Run sponsored by Saucony. We'll be running with Julia, trying on some shoes and then going to Stalking Horse for wings afterward. Tomorrow (TNT) the workout will be broken miles - 1600; 1200-400; 800-800; 4x400 cutdowns. Wednesday will be a run from Canton, although I may not be there.

Sunday we will celebrate Arjun's belated birthday with a beer mile in Fed Hill. Final details will be posted later in the week, but it'll be in the afternoon and it will be a road course of some kind.

And a new event: The First Annual Team TWSS Family Picnic will take place at Patapsco on Saturday May 30. If you can make it to this undoubtedly awes event, I'll need to know so please RSVP. This is open to anyone, including attractive nieces and stuff. We'll start with a run at 9:30/10ish and then have a bbq. It'll be sweet. We've reserved a pavilion.

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