Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cherry Blossom 10M Entry Up For Grabs

A friend of mine in DC has recently developed a stress fracture and can no longer run CB this weekend. Does anyone want her spot? I'm assuming it's a non-seeded entry.


RM said...

Man I just looked at the course, weird. I've never done this race before so I've only ever seen it finish in the park. I thought it was a great staging area, no traffic, people could spread out. A little far from public transport but not terrible.

Now it starts and finishes in the middle of the mall? Strange.

What's the nearest Metro stop, Smithsonian?

///MM said...

It used to finish over by Jefferson, last year was the first one to finish by the castle.
Smithsonian is the closest stop but they may close it (they did last year) so it doesn't get dangerously crowded. L'Enfant Plaza and Fed Triangle are usually the best ones to use.
Or... I just looked and the site says that Smithsonian is open.

Matt said...
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Matt said...

Is anyone interested in carpooling down to the metro station (I'm assuming it's Greenbelt station) from Baltimore raceday morning?

RM said...

I am staying in DC Saturday night, and taking the train there and I'm not much help!

Z, I took a look at the stuff. I realized I missed last year's race and didn't see the course. I might even run over to the start in the morning, I don't think it'll be too far.