Monday, April 13, 2009

Boston Week

I will call it Boston week, even though it's technically on Monday.

Great weekends of racing ahead, so if you're looking for races you shouldn't have trouble finding any. Pike's Peek is Sunday the 26th, and this weekend there are a couple of local events, including the Victim's Fund Run 5k in Patterson Park and the Blue Jay 5k up at Hopkins Homewood.

Last week was a quiet one, with a nasty weekend I'm sure deterring some events. Dave Berdan was going to race a 4 miler in York, but I haven't seen results yet. Besides, Chrissie's record-setting 5k on the track was more than enough to earn her this week's Purple Drink Athlete of the Week.

On another note, we had a brief discussion last week about moving track practice back a little to accommodate some of the folks that have been showing up, but getting there a little late. Most people liked the earlier start time, but it's becoming apparent that it's difficult for many to get up there and get warmed up in time to start at 6:30. We'll keep it at this time for at least this week and next, but may make a change after that. If we do change, there will be no rolling "7:05" start, it will be 7:00 on the dot and if you're late to that, tough.


Johnnie Cochran said...

Is that a photo of when your car got jacked up in front of my old house?

Johnnie Cochran said...
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RM said...

Indeed it is. I'm going to post some of the other ones as well. Man that shit got fucked UP