Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Boston Notes

For those not going to be in Boston, you can ignore. Just wanted to make sure people have some details:


Hyatt Harborside Boston, near Logan Airport. Phone # 617-568-1234. If you are getting to it via subway, you can call and arrange for a complimentary shuttle, just call that number. If they ask for your reservation, just use my name. This is the same shuttle we will take on Monday morning to get to the subway stop.

Getting Around

Water Taxi is apparently $10 one-way and $17 roundtrip. I guess we're situated across the water from downtown. Since the subway is less expensive, perhaps we can look to get dropped off the subway and use that as transportation to avoid each of us spending mad loot.


Saturday and Sunday, 9a-6p. I want to go around 2 or 3 on Saturday as I have a little Under Armour meeting at 4.

Race Day

Buses leave between 6:00 and 6:45am on Monday. We have to get to them via subway. That means an early morning. The athletes' village at Hopkinton will have food and bevs, so if you don't want to eat that early you'll be covered there.

Post Race

I believe we all start at 10am, which means, assuming I don't run 4 hours, we'll all be done by 2. The first of us should be done around 12:30, and following for roughly an hour. I'm sure the area will be a zoo, but maybe we can use the ever-trusty letter "S" for the meetup area. Head there when you're done. Make sure you've dropped off some warm clothes for after the race, we can put them on and perhaps head out for a minute after the race for a bev/food.


THE KRIS said...

just wanted to correct a typo:

the first of you will be finishing closer to 12:29.

good luck everybody.

///MM said...

My girl Sarah lives in the 300 block of Commonwealth Ave. (i.e. right before the last turn up to Boyleston) and she says we can leave clothes there on Sunday if we don't want to bag check and also clean up a bit after the race if we desire.

scotty doesn't know said...

good luck everyone!

Matt said...

I'll probably see you guys on the course Monday - I'm planning to run a bit with my sister.

If I don't see you, good luck!

gladfelter said...

Have fun and good luck everyone! We'll be watching on-line.

Alex said...

Good luck everyone!