Tuesday, March 31, 2009

TNT is the Ish

Great start to the new year of track season everyone! I won't normally post after each session but it was great to see some faces I haven't seen in a while, some that I see regularly and even a new face. Just on the warmup, that old, familiar feeling came back - it's almost as if we never left. Also hard to believe this is the start of the 4th season!

The crew that showed up was Kyle, Spider, Prada, Kris, Terence, Dave Ploskonka, Denise, Chrissie, Dr. J, Christine T, Barf, Doug and newcomer Ian Dickinson. 14 people on night #1 is not bad at all. Presumably that number will grow to a little over 20 in a few weeks.

I think for at least the first month we'll be on the track, but obviously pay attention to the blog/emails for any changes. The new, earlier start time seemed to be appreciated by those who were able to make it, but I also understand that, especially for those coming up from the city or south, it can be a challenge. If you're ever running late, just shoot me an email or text and we'll do our best to hold up a little.

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