Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Wanna Give You My Love Touch

Despite what Taco Bell says, "melty" is not a proper adjective to describe cheese.

Therefore, Ed "Cheese" Aramayo was anything but melty during the rainy 5k on the track at College Park on Saturday, taking 23rd place in 16:23.84. This earned him is first ever Purple Drink Athlete of the Week.

Also in action this weekend:

Alex Viana in his first bike race of the year, race report will be available over on his blog, and the White Hall 15k at the NCR Trail. Doug Ripley and OJ Keller going 8-9, and Denise Knickman and Christine Trzcinski finishing 1-2 for the women. And finally, Eileen Fleck took on the Ukrop's Monument Ave 10k, finishing 21st in 39:29. This is one of the largest 10k races in the country, with over 32,000 entrants this year. It's also one of the fastest, with this year's winner going 28:21. Additionally, people take dressing up for this race pretty serious - individual winner dressed up as Indiana Jones and had a boulder chasing him (pretty sick) and the group winner dressed as Ms. Pac Man. Not to be confused with Ms. Adam Pac Man Jones. Next year's race is March 27, it's in Richmond, we should look into it - for either serious racing or fun.

This weekend is obviously a big one, with a bunch of us racing at Cherry Blossom. Don't forget packet pick up is on Saturday, and the race starts at 7:40am on Sunday. EARLY!

ALSO, if you are going to want to do Army 10 Miler in October, make sure you get online promptly on Wednesday morning. April 1. This is no April Fool's - it will sell out FAST.


Track is back! 6:00 meeting time, 6:30 starts the workout. Tonight's workout isn't going to be killer - 1600, 1200, 2x800, 4x400. Meeting at Gilman.

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