Friday, March 6, 2009

St. Ides of March

As I mentioned in response to an earlier post, I'm having a little get together on the 14th to celebrate various birthdays and historical figures. Come on over after the Pub Run or before heading to out to an Irish bar. Or just come to get your Saturday socializing done early in preparation for the Kelly 5k. I'll provide the St. Ides (original and special brew for the ladies) complete with paper bags to hold them in.

Link to evite is below:


THE KRIS said...

being a good catholic, i'll try to help you out with the st. I's. that said, is anyone planning on doing the pub run? i know nobody did it last year, but a few posts ago there seemed to be some interest. what's up?

Matt said...

You may very likely see me there

RM said...

Ryan McGrath will be there.

JULIA RUDD will be there AND will be hanging out with us all day Saturday and possibly staying Saturday night.

Arjun and his friends that are in town are going to do it.

PUB RUN is going to be awesome. There are well over 100 pre-registered people and I wouldn't be surprised to see 200-250 total.

Ben said...

i'll be there.