Monday, March 16, 2009

Fun in the Sun: Tucson, AZ

Tucson was amazing!
Everyday was in the 80's and Sunny. I would recommend Tucson to anyone as a way to get in some good training/cross training in the winter as it is great for running, biking, and hiking.
For no planning everything fell into place very well which was largely due to the awesome local stores and the very knowledgeable people working in them. Having the iphone also came in very handy. Before the trip my motivation to train was long gone but since being there and coming back I've got my second wind which will hopefully carry me thru Boston and Eagleman.
I ended up doing 2 days of backpacking, a 93 mile bike ride, 2 trail runs, 1 day hike

Day 1: Gummy Frogs! Denver Airport Toy Store & Croc display, Cactus, Summit Hut, and amazing salsa and margaritas
Day 2: 20ish pound pack, hiking 8-9 hours, gaining 4000 feet of elevation, more cactus, spring fed waterfall. Refinding the trail after it dissapeared. Mini Heart attack when I thought a mountain lion was running thru the brush...luckily it was just a tumbling loose boulder.
Day 3: Beautiful Sunrise, lots of hiking alongside a river. Rattlesnake, throwing rocks at rattlesnake. Broadway Bike Shop, $40 to rent a carbon fiber Madonne. Fair Wheel Bikes to get various bike routes. Using the Y to take showers. Fat Tire Ale while studying bike routes.
Day 4: Another beatiful sunrise. 93 mile ride thru National Parks and outskirts of Tucson. My awesome burn lines from backpacking & biking. Mint Oreo Blizzards! Shower & Sauna at the Y. Gentle Bens' Brewing Company.
Day 5: Morning trail run, day hike to some natural pools great place to nap and play in water. BBQ and making smores!
Day 6: 2 hour trail run where some cows were eyeing us and luckily decided we weren't worth attacking. Road Runner by our car & tent. Free Cookies at the Denver Airport. Fast Baggage claim at BWI!

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RM said...

At first I was like "who the F went to Tucson, am I at the right blog?"

Then I went, "who the F is Claire?"

But then I remembered the answer to both. Glad to hear it was a good time, and she's right - it's definitely a training mecca of the American Southwest.