Friday, February 27, 2009

Who Are We?

it's just that things have been so supportive lately, it's making me uncomfortable. i just don't know you guys anymore. that said, it's time to (slightly) offend someone. in this case women.


Re: girl on the right

"If this woman were serious about inspiration, her neckline would be far lower."

see, that wasn't too bad


THE KRIS said...

ok, so i suck at the internet. the sign says "these are your inspiration". meaning boobs.

RM said...

Is this site really Zero - did you make a website for yourself?>

RM said...

Here, this should make you feel better, Kris:

Jen said...

Kris, you are doing the best you can with technology. It's a tough thing to figure out at your age.

But yes, if she had any decency she would have shown up topless like any self respecting supporter.

THE KRIS said...

hopefully by the time you are my age you will be a more self respecting supporter.