Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Josh and Jen's Jumbo Jubilation

Hello friends!

As most of you know last weekend was my birthday. Next weekend is my roommate Josh's, so we decided to throw a combo bday party this Friday. All are welcome to attend. Click the title of the post for the evite or the link below, RSVP if you can just so we have an estimate. Major details are provided below.

When: 9PM-1AM Friday, February 20th 2009
Where: Muggsy's Mug House (Fed Hill)
1236 Light St.
Baltimore, MD 21230
What: $20 All You Can Drink beer (draft and bottles, they have a nice selection of draft) and wine. Or pay as you go cash bar if you don't want to enjoy my awesome birth as much as humanly possible.


Ben said...

any objective analysis of our two team races in 2009 will show that intoxication in the period of 24-36 hours before the race led to better performances, less injuries, and an altogether better experience. I'm in. My only question is, does the $20 include 46 ounce margaritas and/or mojitos?

RM said...

Unfortunately the weather and scenery situation will be far from that of South Beach!

Plus I've done my competitor analysis for this weekend, and if the race were today, I'm pretty sure we'd win fairly handily. Now, I anticipate HoCo to be sneaky and maybe waiting to register some of their runners until race day, so this could change.

We need to win. This is the only thing I care about for the next 4 days.

alyssa said...

oh how I wish I was a fly on the wall for the convo Ben and Kendra had about whether or not Ben was going to be allowed to come out and play for this event.

Ben said...

yea, umm - that hasn't quite happened yet.

Jen said...

Well do need to mention to her that she is specially invited. I'd rather have Kendra there then you. Don't get me wrong, I'll settle for you. Just make sure you awkwardly fall asleep on Joe the bouncer.

Jen said...

And I'll bring you a 46oz mojito if you get Kendra to come.

Ben said...

i was just kidding - i talked to her about it. she has to work - she has no problem with me going and she said to give you a "happy birthday hug" - she's sorry she couldn't come.