Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Who is Legend?

Last night I watched I am Legend and dreamed about a similar thing happening in Baltimore. I remember we were sitting on a really large back porch surrounded by a brick railing, on the second floor of some building. In my dream it was Elf's house, but it didn't look at all like his house in reality. The porch overlooked a small courtyard surrounded by a high brick wall.

There were a bunch of us just chillin' out drinking beer on the porch, sitting in lawn chairs on a nice, sunny day, when, calm as ever, Elf says, "Here comes one over the wall," and sure enough, one of those superzombies from the movie is climbing up the far side of the courtyard wall. In my dream they didn't mind being in the sunlight.

"At least he can't jump over the gap," someone else says, and I notice that in order to get to us, the zombie would have to either long jump the thirty feet from the top of the wall over to the porch, or jump down in the courtyard and then climb up onto the porch directly.

We took our beer bottles and started throwing them at the zombie. It was funny that we weren't really scared; it was more like a game. I missed the zombie with my beer bottle.

"Aw crap," said someone else as we noticed there was a zombie already climbing the porch. I regretted throwing my bottle since if I still had it I would have broken it off and stabbed the other zombie in the head.
Pretty soon there were two or three zombies on the porch with us. I think one of them droped down from overhead, and the royal rumble was on. Someone got tackled, and Elf ran away crying (that wasn't really in my dream, but I added it later for dramatic effect). I grabbed a half-full beer bottle that was just sitting on the ground, thought about drinking some of it, but decided to just break it and stab the zombie that had tackled someone. Before I got to him, whoever had been tackled had managed to pin the zombie on the ground. He must have been a wrestler. So, I started kicking it in the head for him. I was setting up for those heel-drop/axe-kick things that are supposed to do a lot of damage. Apparently I'm not good at them, even in my dreams, because the zombie's skull didn't even cave in.

I think I threw a few more elbows and tried to punch a zombie in the face before I woke up.

The end.


Jen said...

Anyone else suspect Godsey is addicted to crack?

THE KRIS said...

hey! he can stop any time he wants.

fbg said...

Yes, as a matter of fact I suspect me, too, and am getting a little paranoid about it.

RM said...

Yeah I watched this cool movie the other day, Alice in Wonderland...same effect.