Thursday, January 15, 2009

Club Challenge

As I sent out the email yesterday, I will also include it on here.

This will take you directly to the registration page. If for some reason it does not, just go to and follow the links to it.

IMPORTANT: you MUST use the following code and also select Falls Road Running from the drop down menu where it says teams:


So get to registering. The date is Sunday, February 22nd, all the details are on the website. Carpools will be arranged later.


alyssa said...

For anyone else who cares - I spoke wih the RD yesterday about my issues with the fact that they only let 4 women count for scoring. (Don't say that it's based on percentages of women who run the race, competitiveness, blah blah -- I ran a bunch of numbers yesterday (actually arjun ran them) and that's not even close to being true). Anyway, it sounds like he will adjust the ratio based on the entrants this year. (If it's similar to last year, that should allow for at least 6, possibly 8.)

Honestly I haven't thought enough about if that would help or hurt our team, but whatever, it's right.

And yes, I realize I used a crazy amount of parentheses in that first paragraph.

RM said...

I actually can't believe you did that. I don't think it really matters - after all, this is just a little low key team event in Maryland for a couple hundred runners. I feel like there are certain things that should stay constant in our sport and that was one of them. It enables us to prepare for it. I don't think it would ever hurt our team to have more chicks scoring, but it means I will have to yell at you all like I yell at the guys to run fast.

alyssa said...

I think you missed the point.

Arjun Majumdar said...

First, I can buy the argument for consistency, but if you look at it four is a pretty random number. It creates two different races within the team competition. A relatively elite scoring race on the woman's side and a very inclusive scoring on the men's side. Maybe at one point this was a fair representation of a equally competitive scoring system, but it no longer represents that. It is a very tricky process though to have it be fair. While the RD says he may adjust the ratio to represent the demographics of this years entrants I do not think that is the proper approach. I think it should represent the demographics of the competitive runners that come to the race. I think many clubs will have runners that are not vested in the team competition and are simply out there to run another road race for fun. I don't know how this will bias the ratios, but I think it should be taken into account.

The really big problem I do have is the later the rules of the competition are established the more unfair it becomes and the more disputed the results are. If the scoring gets changed in our favor I can already see the howard county web page whining about it.

fbg said...

Do you see what happens when you give women the right to... talk?!?

They start going around doing things like this! This is a perfect example of two girls conspiring to bring us down, one running numbers, and the other running her big mouth.

Here's my own email to the race director:

Dear Dude,

Why are there twelve male team members and four female team members? That's a bro/chick ratio of THREE. Not cool, bro. Make it 12:12, and make sure those 12 broads each have a sandwich and an irish coffee waiting for their designated bro at the finish line. And skirts would be nice, too.

What's this I hear about having women run the race?
What do you think this is? World War II? Our boys are back home, bro.

H.T. Tallywanker, Esq.
(Team She Should Keep Her Mouth Shut)

fbg said...

Who was that guy, running away, with the top hat who was just sitting at my computer?!?

Elf, did you seriously type "I feel like there are certain things that should stay constant in our sport and that was one of them."? Of course you did, because I just copied and pasted it.

There are five things that shouldn't change in the sport:
1) Make it a fair race.
2) Right
3) Left
4) Right
5) Left

And maybe (6) short shorts and sports bras for chicks.

(NOTE: "12 dudes and 4 chicks" is not on the list, but is probably a web site.)

Arjun Majumdar said...
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Arjun Majumdar said...

(sorry for the edit)


Its probably a movie not a web site, those don't have spaces and usually end with a '.com' although this one might be a '.edu' because I'm sure those chicks be dropin some knowledge on those dudes. I will have to check Kris's collection, because he might have that on VHS... Wait Kris, did they have VHS back in your day?