Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This The Way

We take it to the house...

In my effort to provide constant reminders, here are a few that I will incessantly plague you with until I am satisfied with the outcomes.

USATF Cross Country Championships

It looks like everything is finally squared away as it pertains to registering as a member of Falls Road. For the team competition, a team must be a minimum of 4 people, with a maximum of 6. I am not totally sure, but I think 3 score? You'll want to register before January 31st though, when the price goes up A LOT.

Shamrock 5k

Same thing, price goes up to $35 on 2/1, so register beforehand. For a crappy 5k that gets everything paid for via sponsorship, this is absurd, so I let it be my only Harm City Run event of the year. As you sign up, don't forget to put "Falls Road Running" as your team. There's a team event, but it's based on size, not quality (twss).

Club Challenge click on Club Challenge and register. It's quick and easy. Use FrrAD as the password for our team.

You will continue to see my hound you about this for quite a while.


Christine said...

What's the word on having a women's team at XC championships?

RM said...

Well, at this point we have the following situation:

1) You are registered as unattached, so you would have to contact someone at the Potomac Valley Association and ask them to affiliate you with Falls Road (10-0972 is the club number)

2) We probably won't have enough girls :(

Since Melissa appears doubtful, and Julia is the only other one planning on competing, we'd be two girls short. Anyone want to step up?

But really, the team competition isn't the big draw to this race. The 2009 USATF Club XC Championships is going to be in Kentucky in December, so maybe we could go to that.

However, it would be nice to field a team, and since I wonder if there will even be any full female teams, you could easily win on the strength of you and Julia.

RM said...

Calling all you lazy girls!! Register for Club Challenge!! We are at 13/5 right now, barely enough to cover the scoring!!

alyssa said...

Some people have to work these days ryan.

Sorry....too soon?

RM said...

1) Yeah, that's pretty mean, but given your penchant for meanness lately, I guess I would expect that from you

2) It takes 25 seconds to do the process

3) Let's be honest, you're all going on during work hours anyway. Except Kip, who never visits the blog.

Christine said...

Accounting for "lazy girls":

1)I will be out of town that weekend, so unfortunately I will not be able to participate.

2) They're going to cancel this event for no reason anyway . . . why do we need to register?

RM said...

So the 6 girls that are running will just have to step it up! Lee DiPietro is out, and I'm not sure if Eileen will be really running by then - maybe Denise will participate.

I hope they don't have to cancel the race, you gotta have a little faith!

Also in reviewing last year's race results, HoCo men put their 12 in by 58:05. This included something like 5 or 6 under 56. They had 20something in under an hour. I think we had like 8.