Monday, January 19, 2009

Can't Nobody

Do it like we do...

Another W notched for Team That's What She Said this weekend, this time by Dave Berdan, who won a 5k in York by a minute (15:20 to 16:25).

I'm sure a few people probably ran in the Loch Raven 8 miler, but BRRC takes their sweet time posting results, so our Purple Drink Athlete of the Week goes to Dave Berdan!

The week ahead is hopefully going to yield some warmer temperatures than the past week.

Monday - Fed Hill Runners, 6:30pm
Tuesday - TMW (Tuesday morning workout); Arjun's at 6:50am or entrance to Fort McHenry I think at 7:10 for a little workout
Wednesday - 6pm at the Square. This week I'm not planning on adding on after we return to the Square, don't let that discourage you from doing it

Weekend - a few of us are headed to Miami, so if you're around and want to do a long run, just post on the blog. As an alternative suggestion, consider going down to the PG Complex to do the track meet on Saturday.

Also have you...

1) Registered for Boston? I have some hotel reservations but Jeff brought up another alternative, I'll discuss with the travelers tonight
2) Registered for USATF membership/USATF XC? Falls Road's team number is 10-0972, so if there's an area to enter 4 numbers, it's 0972. If you need help, contact me or the people at USATF Potomac Valley
3) Registered for Club Challenge? Our password is FrrAD
4) Registered for Shamrock 5k? The entry fee goes up on 2/1

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RM said...

And apologies to Julia Rudd, who WON the Shooting Starr 4 Miler on Saturday, also amidst the super frigid conditions, in a super time of 24:29...