Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Page 6

Spotted this morning: TWSS member Arjun leading the pack in the freezing rain on Fort Ave, about 7:10 am. Brennan and an unidentifiable third party were there as well....although sources say that a rear view of the pack suggests Ben was the third.
Also in the news: Ryan McGrath reads books? More to come.
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brennan said...

From a rear view how could you not tell it was Ben?? He is Ben "The Ass Man" Ingram.

Ben said...

i'm so glad kendra doesn't read this blog.

RM said...

She DOES read this blog cause I sent her an engraved invitation with the URL.

Alyssa, I will admit, this was actually a moderately funny post. At first I was genuinely surprised that you knew what Page 6 was.

THE KRIS said...

while i haven't actually seen him read any, i can confirm that ryan claims to have SEEN some books. think fbg can back me on that.

RM said...

To illustrate my disdain for books, I harken back to NYE2000. My friend's parents were having a party, and many of the parents' friends' younger children were there.

My friend said we needed to make sure no little kids went into his dad's office.

Kootman says, "put some books in front of the door."

I said, "Koot, that's not a terrible idea, but the door opens outward, so they could just move the books away."

He says, "no, little kids hate books. They won't go near them."

Truer words have never been spoken.

Ben said...

i'm sure you knew this ryan - but, God Shamgod's father's name was God too - so, he was also the son of God.

Jen said...

I'm still not sure if Turkey Legs is a positive or negative.

fbg said...

I think Elf only reads chick books. I know; I stayed at his house for four nights, and only saw chick books.

And Da Kris is right: I know Elf has seen some books. I showed him mine once, but he only averted his eyes and accused me of being gay.

gladfelter said...

I only have cliff notes