Sunday, January 4, 2009

A New Year

But the same attitude - have fun while running with our friends.

Looks like a few people really got it cracking this week/weekend in the races. On Wednesday, New Year's Eve, Ben "The Ass Man" Ingram headed with his lovely wife to Fairfax to compete in the Inaugural Fairfax 4 Miler. You can read his report over on his blog, but basically he finished 5th in 21:24 (5:21 pace) behind some really stellar NoVA/DC runners. Then he promptly left the next day for his little Key West trip.

All was NOT quiet on New Year's Day, as we notched our first individual win courtesy of Chris Nowakowski at the Resolution Run 5k in Patterson Park. His time of 16:50 is made more impressive by his binge drinking the previous night and consumption of Blue Moon Diner. Great job Chris! Christine Trzcinski ran a superb 20:57 at the event, collecting 2nd place for her efforts. This was just a few hours after running a 38:38 5 mile race at the Father Time Frolic Prediction Run.

Also down at the Prediction Run were Pete Mulligan (5th, won a watch), Denise (6th, 1st F, won a watch), Jim Adams and Doug Ripley, who incorrectly guessed his finishing time at 35:00, but ran a great 32:33 instead!

Over the weekend, Alyssa took part in the PHUNT 50k in Delaware, which is kind of a "fun", quasi-non-timed event, so I don't really know if there are results, while Dave Berardi ran in the Al Lewis DCRRC 10 miler and placed 23rd in 1:10:11. Don't worry - he's not hurt - he was just running with his girlfriend.

(Drumroll please....) And now for our first Purple Drink Athlete of the Week of 2009:

Christine Trzcinski, not just for running 2 races in the same day (which always makes you a BAMF) but running really great early season times.

And purple is the color of the day as the Ravens dismantled the Dolphins, so looks like we have at least one more week of football.


Monday - Fed Hill. Brian Godsey will still be in town so this will be a CHILL run, and afterwards you are welcome to join us at Stalking Horse for $0.35 wings and the viewing of the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl starring Ohio State and Texas.

Tuesday - inquire with the TMR folks about a workout.

Wednesday - the usual at Canton, 6:00pm from the Square.

Thursday - Mike Prada's and Christine Trzcinski's birthdays.

Friday - Jeff Rumbaugh's birthday.

Saturday - We are going to DERWOOD for a workout. 10am meeting time so we'll aim to leave Baltimore by 9. I will post about this workout separately this week. It'll be something involving 2k/1k repeats since we know the markers. This will personally serve as my "long run" so if you are doing a long run Sunday or alternatively running on Saturday, please feel free to post it but don't poach from my Saturday workout people.

Additionally, if you haven't registered for USATF Membership, do that now (membership runs until 12/31 of every year). Jim should be all done with entering us as a team. Then you can register for the race.


Ben said...

i still don't see falls road on the usatf site. what's up?

RM said...

I don't know, Jim faxed it into them. It's USATF though, so it could probably take a while.

I don't think it's entirely necessary for an individual to declare a team, as long as I go in and place everyone who is registered for the race onto a team.

Also, they are marking the course this week so we'll have markers up on Saturday!