Monday, December 29, 2008

It Comes to an End

As 2008 racing weekends drew to a close, I was glad to see that at least one person competed in something! Now, someone else may have also competed, but I wasn't notified in a timely fashion so ipso facto, vis a vis, squid pro roe -

Justin Gerbereux, 2008 MVP, snatches up the last Purple Drink Athlete of the Week award this weekend due to his victory at the Over the Hills and Through the Woods trail 5k up where his parents live. In his summary, the place was harder than Patapsco, and he even spelled the word "ballz". Anytime you use a Z you know it's for real (right Z?).

I'm really glad Justin was able to get back on track to snag his 3rd W of the year.

Of course there are still a few "events" as 2008 comes to an end, most notably anything that takes place on Wednesday. I believe Ben is competing in something in VA. Then Thursday starts 2009, so on Monday of next week it will be a PDAW for this past week.

The week ahead: Wednesday I'd like to possibly run a little earlier than 6 if the regulars can do that, just so we're not running til like 7:30. Let's discuss tonight and then I'll post the plans in the comments after that.


Tim said...

I can go earlier.

RM said...

5:30pm at the Square. 7 mile normal loop and right into an additional 3 - see you there.