Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Erin Andrews is Hot

Still doesn't mean she belongs on a sideline, however...

Just wanted to make everyone who is interested in running indoor track meets this year of the pending schedule. It appears as if All Comers Meets will be held Sundays January 11 and 25, and Saturday February 1. And actually it doesn't even say the 25th, but rather the 28th, and that just doesn't make sense so I'm just assuming it's the 25th. We can email them for info.

Good meets but they're long days if you're there from start to finish, and the only reason you would stay that late is I guess if you're doing the deuce.

Wednesday Night Run will take place at 5:30pm from the Square, just so that we're done and able to get home to do our NYE things, respectively.

And mark your calendars for Saturday, January 10. We will leave Baltimore around 9:00 and arrive in Derwood around 10:00 for a workout on the XC course. Perhaps we'll do something like 2k-1k-2k-1k-2k or something, with a proper warmup and cooldown.

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