Monday, December 8, 2008

We Turnin' Heads

Despite the cancellation of Metric Marathon yesterday (which was pretty G), there were some really great performances over the weekend.

Diane WON the From Blue Point to BULA 5k (Better Understanding of Life in Africa) up in New York. They don't really have results because I'm sure they want to send all the money to Africa, but I know she won cause she told me. She then drove all the way back here to celebrate her 25th birthday and it was a good time.

Jingle Bell 5k for Arthritis took place in Canton yesterday morning, and I know this course is definitely 3.2 miles, so the times look a little slow but they are anything but. Except for Joel, who ran a 20:58 which is probably still over 20 minutes. You know what, who cares - he was out there which is more than I can say for most of us. And he's run like four times in the last month, so it was a good effort. Orla, meanwhile, crushed it, earning 3rd place for the ladies.

And then the big race, Marathon of the Palm Beaches in Florida. One would think with how fast Lee is and for how long she's been running that she'd have more than a few marathon W's. Well you would be absolutely wrong you jerks. Let her be an inspiration to us all because December 7 is a day that will live in "famy" - as Lee, at age 50, snagged her first W in a marathon and ran a superstar time of 2:55:41. That time is outlandish. Like Young Jeezy says, she need a vacation. But in the process she earned her Purple Drink Athlete of the Week!

Great job everybody, and this weekend, for those looking to snag a PDAW, is pretty wide open. I don't know of too many races, and the only one around here that I'm aware of is the Figgy Pudding 5k in Fells. So if you do race this weekend, try and let me know Sunday so I can write it up in the email.

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Alex said...

So Diane has a 100% win rate for the year right?