Monday, October 20, 2008


Enough about winter plans already! This season isn't even done yet (for some) and for everyone else it should be rest time. And that's coming from me, who knows what races he'll be doing in 2012.

Make sure you're taking some serious time, not just for the physical recovery, but mental. It's a long year we put ourselves through, and takes a lot of energy to make it through another 12 months without burning out once, twice or even three times a lady.

Anyway big shoutout to BG for his 2nd place finish in the Palma de Mallorca marathon. A beautiful place to visit, I can only imagine it was at least somewhat scenic for the race course. But, the difficulty of running 6min pace for 26.2 miles all by yourself has got to be high. I don't think most people would be too displeased with a 2:37:15 first ever marathon (just a few weeks after his other previous longest races ever - 2 half's). You are well deserving of this week's Purple Drink Athlete of the Week my friend.

So now that I just spent a few hours working when I really would have liked to have been sleeping off my weekend, I'm just getting to all the things that really matter (catching up on the blog). I see that we are making the return of WNR. Just remember, since this is a group run we need to respect everyone else's time so if you're going to be late, try and meet us out on the route or let me know prior to 5:50 so we can wait. There's nothing worse than standing around in the cold waiting for people!

The Wednesday Night Run loop is 7 miles return from the Square, and 9 from my house. Since I don't think I'm doing a workout tomorrow night, I may look to pick up the pace on Wednesday after crossing President. For the 3 weeks after that I will be chilling out as I have my race coming up. As the winter progresses I personally may look to extend the run out to 10-13 miles by getting back to the Square and going into another loop of some kind in Patterson Park.

This Friday I will be at Patapsco, meeting Justin around 4:15, for anyone interested. Probably do 11.

Saturday is the 5k down at UMBC. Is anyone interested in running this?

Sunday is Marine Corps Marathon, so we'll probably head down in the morning to watch (although if you're running the race, I wouldn't ask us for a ride as I do not plan on being there particularly early, nor will I be going into VA).


Alyssa said...

In the name of Title IX, if any chicas ever can make it out to Canton for the run, I'd be down for something. Perhaps a run. Perhaps a mani/pedi date. Perhaps a happy hour where we can discuss how much we hate our jobs. And we'd have to meet on the other side of the square and pretend we don't know the boys. I'm also a good person to keep on this run seeing as I know exactly which portapotties in Patterson Park are in full, unlocked and working order (note: do not ask a man riding a bike with flowers in his basket for this information. He does not know and will send you on a wild goose chase). Even if you just want to do a workout every now and then, holler at me because I work right there and usually do my workout from the Canton Merritt regardless, so I can adjust plans on short notice.

gladfelter said...

I'll be at the Trade Center by 6:25 and head toward you guys if your not there yet.

Rebs said...

Ry Guy- I was briefly considering the UMBC 5K you know anyone else who is running it?