Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall/Winter Schedule

Hi All - It seems fall decided to arrive this weekend in a gentle fashion with some beautiful weather. With the daylight hours shrinking and temperatures dropping most people change up their running schedules so now seems like a good time to try and organize our fall/winter runs. I'd like to start the discussion on that.

I wrote up what I believe we have done in the past/are planning on doing now along with some questions to try and gauge if there is anything else people would like to do.

Right now I believe the only set things are:
  • Monday Nights w/Fed Hill Runners @ 6:30
  • Wednesday Nights from Canton (aka the "taint" loop) @ 6:30 Update: 6:00 pm - starts this week.
  • Fridays from Patapsco @ tba (constantly adjusted for light conditions) Update: This is likely the last week till we get more light in the spring.
Re: Tuesdays:
I think Arjun and I are going to keep doing TNT workouts through out the winter as we get ready for track season. Some people have expressed interest in this as well.

Re: Thursdays:
Last winter Arjun and I did "hills" from my place on Thursday nights in fed hill. We had spotty turnouts at best. I don't think we plan on doing anymore "hills" this year.

Q1: Who would be interested in meeting at the track on Tuesdays after official TNT season? This time seems to work for a lot of people. Keep in mind people could just meet up at this time to run - not everyone has to do the workout.

Q2: Any interest in a Thursday night run? It seems with just the people in fed hill we should be able to have a regular group of ~5 if we went from there. Again, I don't think hills would be a key part of this run unlike last year.

Q3: Are there any places people would to get out to run @ more? For example the Roland Park, Druid Hills, BWI Trail, Loch Raven, Liberty Park, Mt. Washington (hills!). This could be something for the weekend.

Discuss amongst yourselves.


PB said...

Thumbs up for the BWI trail.

(And, of course, if anyone ever wants to do a run during the week in DC, let me know)

Christine said...

I'm up for TNT through the fall/winter. I also do a tempo type workout on thursdays, sometimes on the track, sometimes not if that interests anyone.

Ben said...

I'd like to do some hill workouts in druid hills - maybe fridays?

i'm going to be doing a lot more long tempo runs - does anybody know any other places nearby with mile markers other than NCRT and BWI? I think I'll end up more at BWI because it has a few hills and is better lit - but, I thought I'd see if anyone has any "secret locations" they'd like to share.

Alyssa said...

The C&O Canal Towpath has mile markers. It's really not much further away than NCR is, either. I have only seen the 25 miles from around 60-85. It's really pretty, and although everyone says it's just as boring as NCR, I personally like it better.

Alex said...

A Friday run in the Roland/Druid Hills area would be good for me since it's near work. Kris might be down too since it's near his place. I'd have to think about if I'd want to do a workout that day though.

Dirty Chewbacca said...

Loch Raven Reservoir is great on weekends. They close the road down to cars and it has some tough hills. It is out an dback only though.

Claire said...

Another great place I love running on weekends is the Patuxent Wildlife Refuge, North Tract. It's near Laurel, (down 295 to 198, so ~25 min drive )
There are trails they are in colors on the map(green, blue, red, yellow, orange, brown) and also there is a road that has mile markers. Compared to patapsco the trails are pretty easy they are mostly dirt roads that go thru a forest and just have a few rolling hills. Only thing you have to remember is during hunting season you can only run on the trails on Sunday you can run on the roads whenever. The park is gated so you can only go during park hours (8-4) but it is free you just have to fill out a form in the contact station where they do have restrooms. For long runs you may have to repeat a few trails but I find by doing a loop and then a figure 8 that it's not boring.