Saturday, September 13, 2008

Post No. 400

I am proud to take this giant leap for TWSS.

Race report. After much hype, the expected competition between Gavin and I never materialized. Instead, unexpected talent showed up and kicked my ass. I had the pleasure of meeting a friendly fellow named Ian Nurse this morning, if you look him up you will notice that he placed 25th at last years NY marathon.

Needless to say, I couldn't hang with him. After a 95 mile week, I felt pretty flat and was grateful to finish in 54:00 for 15K, which is 5:47's, three 18 minute 5k's, or on pace for a 57:50 ten mile race. Ian finished just slightly ahead in 50:10. (shiat!) The good news is that I think that with a little rest and better pacing, that effort is easily doable for a Half Marathon, which would put me at 1:15:45. So my new goal for my next half is sub 1:15.

Two weeks and then I run the Liberty Half in Jersey City. People should come watch or do the race, I think it will be nice.


RM said...

WOW, that's your fastest time there, and that guy went 50 minutes?? Not much you can do about that. I didn't realize you were going down to NJ for the Liberty race, good competition. What made you head down there?

Sorry, you probably won't get any support - that's the birthday party weekend!

Johnnie Cochran said...

It looked like a good race and was on the right weekend. Plus I wanted a city race, instead of running on dirt roads like all the races up here.

Johnnie Cochran said...

Goddamn, I will note here that this week was tiring. Next week is nuts!

Mon: 4 mi and 6 mi
Tues: 9 mi w/ 6x800 @ 5K
Wed: 15 mi and 5 mi
Thurs: 4 mi and 6 mi
Fri:4 mi and 6 mi
Sat: 15 mi w/ 15K race (54:00)
Sun: 17 miles (this really hurt)

Total: 91 miles

Next week

Mon: 4 mi and 6 mi
Tues: 11 mi w/ 5X1000 @ 5K
Wed: 15 mi
Thurs: 4 mi and 6 mi
Fri:12 mi and 4 mi
Sat: 8 mi + strides
Sun: 18 w/ 15 @ marathon effort

Total 88

I think next week is harder, that pace run is going to be a biatch!