Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Dudes and chicks:

Your status as he-men and she-ra's is solidified, that was a really, really challenging workout and you all handled it amazingly well. Whether you made it through 5 or 10, doing 1000m intervals at 10k pace with 1 minute recovery is an amazing workout.

Here's a few things that helped this workout go the way it did:

1) The weather. Last year we did this workout on 8/7 and it was about 95 degrees. In fact, it was the first day of the summer they advised against being outside. It was a summer filled with late heat. This year, a few weeks later and a waning summer provided temps in the upper 60s.

2) The people. There were 24 of us on the track. That is amazing, and obviously helpful when you're tired.

3) Our newest motto. DBAP. You can probably figure out what it stands for, but don't be a p____.

Seriously though, we're all running really strong now, thanks to some monster long workouts and some solid long runs. I'd say from what I've seen, we are probably operating 2-3% better than last year, and the times will show that.

I looked back to the 2007 workout and my times were 3:31, :30, :30, :31, :32, :32, :32, :33, :30.

I then looked back to the 2006 workout, which took place 9/26, it was 65 degrees and we had almost 2 minutes rest (1:50). Times for this workout were 3:27, :33, :33, :28, :29, :31, :27, :23.

So now we move to this year, with an awesome group dynamic and some great weather, not taking more than 1 minute (on my watch) and the times were 3:25, :25, :25, :21, :19, :25, :23, :19, :18, :14. I kind of wish I had worn a HRM for this workout over the years to see the differences.

As I look back to 2006 workouts - man, we were barely doing anything by comparison. One workout was, no lie, 1000-1200-1000-1200. And that was one of the longer ones.

We used to be number 10, now we permanently 1.


Terence aka LT said...

And the Ben Ingram Award Winners are...

RM said...

Terence, Alex and Matt Stanford are the winners of the Ben Ingram Award.

Although honorable mentions can go to Kyle, Ben Ingram, Arjun and myself - I think all of these folks did 10.

RM said...

Jeff may have too, I can't remember...

Alex said...

Thanks to T and Ryan for getting me through number 10.

Alyssa said...

"but don't be a p____. "

Terence aka LT said...

No sweat A, atleast that's what she said...

Don't be a P_ _ _Y! nothing else fits. :)

Alex said...

"Nothing else fits" that's what she said to Terence - ha!

RM said...

DAMMIT. Good job. I'm not sure if that's an insult to T or not though, I guess it depends on how you take it (twss).

I would be psyched to be a pirate, but not really to be a pony.

Alyssa said...

haha you guys know I was kidding....right?

And by you guys, I mean Terence.

Terence aka LT said...

Haha... That's What She Said!