Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who's running this weekend?

Who is showing up Fri?
Who is doing some runs this weekend? The AT run I wrote about is this Sat. but at this time I don't have anybody about my pace to go with so I'm thinking not go. Unless somebody speaks up. 16 or 32 miles, carpool with snails group.

So anybody else want to do a few hours somewhere?


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RM said...

I'll be there Friday, if possible would like to go earlier, like 4pm. Depending on how I recover by tomorrow I may only do 8. Alyssa and I are racing in Virginia Saturday morning, so I have to leave tomorrow night.

I think I'm OUT for a run this weekend - looks like me and the Kiwi Dean are headed to Frederick Sunday. Travis, take the group into McKeldin, I don't think they've ever been there.