Friday, August 15, 2008

Track is Underway

DO NOT go to unless you want to find out results. I did not realize they would post the results right on the front page, I just went there to find out the schedule and inadvertently found out results from some of the finals that were held today.

That said, was just going to say we should get together to watch some events. Over the weekend we have the women's marathon, which goes off at 7:30am local time Sunday morning, so I assume they will show this on Saturday night's coverage. This kind of conflicts with the Full Moon Run tomorrow, so I'll message you all about that. Men's 10,000m final is Sunday at 10:45pm, so again I feel like they'll show this in the morning. I may be out on my bike at that time so I will have to tape it.

During next week I'm not sure what they're doing - showing stuff in the morning and then doing recaps at night? Probably. Let's try to get together during the week.

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RM said...

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the all-time medal count totals for track and field look something like this:

USA: 307 Gold, 225 Silver, 181 Bronze = 713

URS (Russia): 71 Gold, 66 Silver, 77 Bronze = 214

GBR: 48 Gold, 75 Silver, 62 Bronze = 185

We pretty much own everyone.