Sunday, August 24, 2008

Recovery Week # 3

Wow, I am already at my last recovery week. After this week there are six straight weeks of racing and training and then BOOM! Taper and Marathon.

This week was tough, I was tired, and to make it worse, my girlfriend's brother was in a heinous motorbike accident. The good news is he is recovering, but with a new Bo Jackson titanium hip. I did however manage to squeeze in two quality sessions. My 15 mile run on Wednesday went well, after ten easy miles, I ratcheted down my last five miles to around marathon pace, running the last mile in 6:11. Todays long run went similar but was a little longer. I warmed up an easy 5 miles and then ran the next 12 at "marathon effort." The pace varied between 6:45 down to 6:10 for the last mile, depending on the terrain and how good I was feeling. Total time for the 12 was 1:18:43. At the end I felt comfortably tired, I know I could have kept it up for another few miles. A short cool down made it 18 miles for the day and 85 miles for the week.

Next week, classes and sweet rest.

Mon. Recovery 6mi. A.M., 4 mi. P.M.
Tues. Recovery 10 mi.
Wed. Vo2 Max 6x800 @ 5k pace, 90 sec jog
Thurs. Recovery 6mi. A.M., 4 mi. P.M.
Fri. General running and strides 11 mi
Sat. General running and strides 9 mi.
Sun. Long run 16 miles

Total 75


RM said...

Some more good workouts my friend. You would have liked the run we did this weekend. Me, Godsey, Kip, Ben, MGP, Jeff and Tim Parker headed down to College Park to do 3x6miles in Greenbelt. Not really 3x6 mile intervals of course, just happen to be 6 mile loops. First was really chill, 44min. Second picked up, I was a minute back of Kip/BG at 37:52. That was about all I had and fell to pieces on the third, finishing in 39:43 or something. Still, not a terrible run, 19 total for the day. I'm not sure how I'm going to approach this week as I'm really, really tired and will be at the beach all weekend. Not my favorite place to do a long run, in fact anything over an hour just bores me to death.

Johnnie Cochran said...

That is a burly work out still, keep trying to get in those long runs, they are invaluable. Next week is light but the weeks after that are my longest ones of the program, maxing out with a 24 miler some time in september. I may be slow, but I will be strong.

RM said...

holy shit - try and find someone to accompany you for some of that! actually i find solace some days in the long, suffering runs by myself. makes me feel like if i can do it then, i'll be able to do it with a few hundred thousand people on the course.