Friday, August 22, 2008

Fri-Sat-Sun Plans

1) I love our blog, it is the most fun place on the Internet, even if outsiders would disagree.

2) Brian Godsey, Kip and I are thinking about going to eat at an Ethiopian place for dinner around 7ish, Mt. Vernon area, if anyone wants to come. Then watch some track, and go out in Fed Hill.

3) If you would like to run with us tomorrow, we'll be meeting at 8:15 at the Park and Ride on Rolling Road (by Patapsco) to caravan down to Greenbelt. My car is full as of now. I want to be running by 9, and those coming with me should anticipate stopping for something to eat after the run in CP, and home by 12:30 at the latest.

4) Tomorrow evening, marathon starts at 7:30, feel free to come over anytime after 7. My address is _______________________. You think I'm posting it on the Internet? No. You all know where I live, if you don't, just email or call me.

5) Hubs of Fury: 2 Fast 2 Furious begins immediately following the marathon. Please plan accordingly. We are going to substitute the bar "Bad Decisions" for "Ale Mary's" - they are directly across the street from one another on Fleet down in Fells. Still unsure of stop #3 in Harbor East/Inner Harbor, that will be a game-time decision.

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