Monday, July 7, 2008

Tha' Block is Hot (16 Weeks)

Well the official results came back and my Montpelier Mile debacle has been recorded as a disappointing 4:50. I really though I got under 4:50 but I guess I was too busy staring at the clock and not busy finishing the stupid race. The good news is that I can still run 4:50 in the middle of a78 mile week. Results are available at Onion River Sport's Website. Kip would have snatched a lot of cash at this race maybe even 500 dollars if he had gotten under the course record of 4:22.

This week looks decidedly hard, mostly because a heat wave has set in and temps are in the upper 80's to low 90's all week. The good news is that it still gets down to the 50's at night and that is when one can expect to find me outside. Who knows, you also might find me down at Ryan's race in RI as well.

Mon: Recovery, A.M. 6 mi. P.M. 4 mi.
Tues: 10 mi. W/ 10X100 Strides
Wed: Medium Long Run, 14 mi.
Th: Recovery, 7 mi.
Fri: Medium Long Run, 12 mi.
Sat: Recovery, 7 mi
Sun: Long Run, 20 miles

Total: 80 Miles


THE KRIS said...

what pace are you running your medium long runs? i'm just wondering if you run them @ long run pace or faster?

Johnnie Cochran said...

They do not have to be any faster, but they tend to be. My Friday medium long runs are generally faster because I am more rested than on Wednesday. Wednesday runs tend be slower because I still feel wrecked from Sunday. The emphasis off my week right now is Sunday, in a few months, the focus will shift to running faster, right now I am trying to build up my mileage to 100/wk. So really the goal is just to finish every run.

RM said...

after all this mileage you better run 2:30 or i'm going to be disappointed!

actually i'll still support you.

but seriously you're going to run fast.

THE KRIS said...

thanks. with all that mileage, 2:30 seems like a walk in the park. a very, very fast walk.

Johnnie Cochran said...

You guys are going to jinx me. This is debut marathon we are talking here. 2:45--anything faster is a gift.