Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rockville Race Results

Alright, well, the good news is that we all survived last night, and when I look at everyone's placement (not the times so much), there were some really good performances. Of course yours truly ran the same exact time he ran last time he raced there (2006) and was a few positions better (96th this year vs 102nd). I hate this race and I apologize for dragging you all down to do it! But seriously, what else do we have to look forward to in July.

So the frustrating thing was the debacle that became me doing the stuff for registration. Jim left the team registration form for me to bring down, which I left on my counter. I then asked at the race if we could sign up, and they told me it was too late anyway. I wasn't totally concerned, because I figured whatever, we won't win or anything without some real firepower (in the form of Dave Berdan or Kip). Then I look at the results for the team division:

Rockville Team Results

DAMMIT. With Phil Turner leading the way, and Arjun and Ryan Orner finishing close together, not to mention stellar performances from Chrissie and Mary Bertram, we would have been third. And it was all thanks to the girls. We ripped Howard County, we ripped Charm City and finished 2 minutes in front of Georgetown Running Company for the third team spot. Then, let's say Dave Berdan (who started the race) had finished the race in 25:30, bumping Ryan from scoring. That's 2nd place. Then let's say Kip actually came and bumped Arjun. There's the win.

And it wasn't like the other teams were weak, they put in as good of performances as they were going to regardless. So I'm pretty psyched, we don't need to show up in results to know we're a great team. Great job everyone, I appreciate the efforts, and now you can enjoy the rest of your summer.

In other news, due to her 14th place Female finish and amazing 31:39 8k performance, Melissa Bosslet is this week's Purple Drink Athlete of the Week. Great job Melissa, you earned it this week. I will shout out some of the other race results in the email, but wanted to get this on the books. I also updated the TWSS Spreadsheet, with all the Top Times, Race Results, Tuesday Workouts, etc.

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