Monday, July 21, 2008

I Blame Alex

Only because he's from Brazil

Dead Baby Penguins

But I also blame him for the death of Million Dollar Baby, which is on AMC right now.

Good run tonight, track will be good tomorrow for our tempo-ish 3-4x2k with maybe a minute to 90sec of recovery, depending on the heat. This should be run no faster than half marathon pace, so I'll be looking to run somewhere around 5:45.

Also, Spider won his race yesterday, the Catfish Triathlon, so congratulations. And it was great to see Spree Snidewell back in action, dude has had a ROUGH summer. All you pansies who are complaining right now will stop when you hear what has happened to this kid in the last 30 days. Glad you're back. Now we just need to find Steve Levin.


Alex said...

My bad amigo.

I'll try and stop airlifting animals back to their natural habitat.

Spree has had the most ridiculous summer ever.

Also, good to see Barf back and feeling much better.

THE KRIS said...

i love that most of the ones found were "babes"... kinda makes you wonder what kind of freaky stuff alex's people are up to down there. nothing good ever comes from living on the bottom of the planet.