Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Brian Godsey sets WRs

Brian Godsey, aka FBG, aka Famous, set not one, but TWO World Records over the weekend at an organized backwards running event in Germany.

The ratification of the records will be pending until I see the results, but he took the 3000m and 5000m WRs on the track. He came through the 3k in 11:19 (previous WR was 11:25) and continued five more laps to run a 19:31 for the 5k (previous WR was 20:50).

These are amazing results, if you think about it. I ran 11:00 for an indoor 3k this year. And a 19:31 5k? Unreal.

Great job Bri, we look forward to your continued success and your impending trip back stateside. We will definitely be hosting another Hubs of Fury event when you return.


fbg said...

Ok, so if you really need to see "results", then have a look at these links, but they're in German:

I was the only person running the 3k/5k, so nobody posted any normal-looking results. Same thing for the other backwards races that day, where the only one with more than one person had three people running.

Anyway, thanks for the shout-out. The updated list of backwards running world records can be found here:

Johnnie Cochran said...

The picture of you is so special.

THE KRIS said...

great job, man. are you going to go for the 10000m? no pressure, it's totally fine that some french guy has the record. whatever. also, i like that a world record isn't "official" until ryan can ratify it.

RM said...

A couple of things I picked up from the article. It seemed like they were making fun of you for being American. They also posted your 5000m PR of 14:02. Also, that girl has a DELICIOUS ass in that one picture. The other pictures for some reason didn't show up. Great job, I will ratify these race results, even though technically I don't normally accept records that are run "en route" to other distances. HA.

fbg said...

I actually might try the 10k, but in order to do that, I have to find a cooperative 10k organizer on one of the upcoming weekends. I'm pretty busy though.

That's cool that you ratified the records, elf. Thanks. Now I can rest easy. I think a FAT-timed split is record-worthy.

Yeah, that 15-year-old girl (!) is pretty slammin', and taller than I am. She has an older sister who's also pretty hot and is most likely 17, which is legal in Austria, but I'm not sure about Germany. I thought I'd fill you in on that info.

Oh, by the way, I translated that article for the web site yesterday, so I think he'll put up the english version soon. Too bad I sounded like a web-tranlsator when I wrote it. Literal translations are hard!

RM said...

literal translations aren't ALL that's hard, if you catch my drift....