Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bikes and Bars

Ladies and gents, Team TWSS is pleased to announce the first ever Bikes and Bars event to be held this Saturday eve, July 5th. I know some of you probably have better things to do, but some of us don't, so we're doing it.

The official route has yet to be finalized, but rest assured it will include stops at dives, at least one bar per area that we plan on riding through and one place that's entirely too nice for us.

Q: What do I need to participate in BnB?
A: Well, I'm glad you asked. You need to be over 21, and also have a bike in proper working order. Helmets are not mandatory but are recommended. We plan on starting in Locust Point and finishing in Canton. All who need to are welcome to stay at the place where I currently live at the end of the night.

Stay tuned for start times and other details.

In other news, where the F has Spree been? And Steve Levin, for that matter? You guys alive?

Friday - start time at the park is a confirmed 9:30 for a 2 hour run. Hopefully that is okay with Travis. Friday is also another Orioles game at 4:35 followed by fireworks downtown. The O's are also in town Saturday and Sunday, and if you go to the game Sunday and the O's win, you get a FREE ticket to another game this season.

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Travis said...

Got to be home by 10. I'll do something on my own. Have a great weekend everybody!