Monday, July 28, 2008

August 26th XC Meet @ Oregon Ridge

Jim just sent me an email about a low-key event to be held at Oregon Ridge on Tuesday, August 26th. Now, we would have to be in agreement to move our regularly scheduled TNT to Oregon Ridge and if people didn't want to do the "race" then we could come up with another idea.

We'll discuss tonight. The race is a 5000m cross country style race, 7:30pm for the open race, $12 pre-registered or $20 race day. And yes, you do get a t-shirt.

There were a couple of performances from over the weekend it seems, notably Claire racing at the Jay Mountain Marathon. The word "marathon" doesn't quite describe the effort, as it's 33 miles or so and it took Claire 8.5 hours to finish. This is one of those things you just try to finish.

Terence aka The Black Bobby Fischer aka He's Not the Father was up at the NYC Half Marathon, where he ran 1:22:46. I'm quite impressed by this time for T, because he was about 2 minutes faster at last year's Philly Distance Run when he was much better prepared. He's got 7 weeks til Philly, I think he's good.

Up in New Jersey, Eric and I took part in the third annual NJ State Triathlon, at which I was looking for a high place and a sub-2 hour performance. Neither of these happened and I don't know how, I'm actually quite displeased. Fortunately Eric had a great day, from what I can tell it's got to be a PR, and he had a particularly good swim. 45th overall and first Clydesdale, this performance earns Eric the Purple Drink Athlete of the Week.


THE KRIS said...

it looks like doug took 20th place in 1:28:39 at riley's rumble half marathon, on what, judging from the times and elevation chart, is a rather hilly course. nice job, doug.

RM said...

Oh nice job Doug, my bad for not shouting you out. I don't even think he knows how to use this site though. Anyway, I don't think that result was up when I typed the email. Damn slow results. Like BRRC.

THE KRIS said...

your right, i'm sure he doesn't know how to do the interwebz... i have to get my grandson to do it for me(that's what she said).