Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So as part of 'guys weekend' aka Ryan finally has time to see his friends weekend I thought tubing might be fun.

For those of you who have not been - and I have not either - you get bussed up a river, sit on an inner tube and drink beer for ~3 hours as you float back down the river. It's like a baseball game except you can BYOB and it's more exciting.

I believe the closest place you can do this is Harper's Ferry. It's 70 miles away.

However, every company says that alcohol is verboten since the rivers are a public place. But I'm pretty sure people do it anyway. I'm not sure if they just turn a blind eye or what. Does anyone know?

Prices were about $30 with discounts for groups of over 10 people.

That's all I got.



brennan said...

I went up to Harper's Ferry last week to go Whitewater Rafting and it was a lot of fun. It's only an hour away. As for the beer--you can definetly drink while out there. Hell, they let you rent rafts that are coolers and tie them between your tubes. It looks like a lot of fun and I wish I could make it, but I'll be boozin in Milwaukee for the O's vs. Brewers game. Have fun.

RM said...

Oh, Brennan went with his OTHER friends, thanks a lot.

I'd be up for it, I'd say if we can't get 10, we'd at least like to have 5 or maybe?

THE KRIS said...

while i won't be able to make it, i can say from past experience that it's a bunch of fun. it's a good idea to take a couple coolers, for beer and food(you'll most likely get hungry). you can get extra tubes to put the coolers in, but you should bring some light-weight rope to tie the cooler tube to one of yours, so you don't have to hold on to it. also sunscreen's a good idea. enjoy.

RM said...

Dammit, no one's even going to be here. What the F do you all have better to do?? Anyway, I have to add Eric Benjamin to the authors (even though I've done it before) but he emailed me this earlier today:

Sunday he and his teacher friend (who possesses 20 tubes) are planning on going down the gunpowder near hereford/monkton. It's not 70 miles away and it's free. He wants to be family friendly as there will be a few kids. This is a cool option, and doesn't sound like there would be too many of us.

Eric B said...
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RM said...


I demand to know!


Eric B said...

Ok i can now post on the blogsss. But yes we plan on leaving around 12ish. The way it works is, one car/truck transports the tubes to the beginning, (Blue Mount Rd). Others leave cars at the end (monkton station) and car pool back to the beginning. The float down the gunpowder takes about 4 hours, and its pretty cold as the gunpowder is fed from the Prettyboy Reservoir . Then you can either car pool back to the car, or walk 2 miles or so up the NCR back to blue mount to get your cars. This is waht i have done in the past its not to bad. IF you want to own your own tube, i have heard there is a place somewhere on route 40 above essex that sells 18 wheeler size tubes, which is what a normal sized adult needs. WE tryed last summer with normal truck tire tubes and my ass dragged and hit more rocks then was fun. Thats how it works if you want to go.