Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thurs-Sun Plans

Hey guys,

Just a few activity reminders for the weekend, which officially starts today.

Thursday (tonight): Joel is performing from 7pm on at High Topps in Timonium, just north of the fairgrounds. I will not be there til probably close to 8:30.

Friday: 4pm - run at Patapsco. 8pm on - Toga party at Alex's.

Saturday: If you plan on volunteering at the water stop at B10, here's the deal - the 4 mile water stop is the place Jim will be at, it doubles as the 6 mile stop. It is located at 33rd and Tivola up near Lake Montebello, also known as "the Hood." Please try and be there by 7:15. If you have any questions, call. It won't be an all day thing. Then later in the day it's p-a-r-t-y time.

Sunday: Girls' 5k in the morning. 5pm at Patapsco for a 2 hour long run.

Email/call if you have any questions. Happy Birthday Barf!


Travis said...

i hope to be there sun for the run. have fun tubing you rednecks

RM said...

you're the redneck

THE KRIS said...

nice comeback.