Monday, June 30, 2008

Race Results

Hey guys - apologies if you received the email last night 4 times. Or it's entirely possible you didn't receive it at all. I kept getting a red X next to the email on my BlackBerry which usually indicates it didn't send, so I kept resending it.

Regardless, it was a decent weekend of racing, highlighted by Dave Berardi's win at Dreaded Druid Hills, which earned him the Purple Drink Athlete of the Week Award. Pat Baur took 3rd while Christine Trzcinski took 4th for women.

At the General Smallwood Triathlon, Eric Benjamin lived up to the race's name and took 13th overall, and Alana Van Allan was 15th for the ladies.

Down in Buffalo Springs, Texas, Becca Sirman showed injuries can't slow her down as she had an amazing day at a Half Ironman.

That's about all for now, I think I'm going to get sick because I drank water from the streams at Patapsco and now my throat hurts. Workout tomorrow will be on the track, and will be usual time of 6:30 warmup, 7:00 workout, so be on time! Next week we'll move to Meadowood Park.

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