Sunday, June 29, 2008

17 weeks

Finally a week where I can say I "nailed" the long run. As I mentioned before, I have been counseled that distance runs should be run at 20% slower than your marathon pace and progressively ratcheted down to 10% slower. For me, I guestimate that means around 7:10's working to 6:30's. Today, I did nearly just that, running the first 9 miles in 1:05 (7:10's) and then closing the final 9 miles in 1:00:32 (6:40's). Admittedly, the run gains 600 feet over the first 9 miles and then tears down hill for the second half. Regardless, I was jacked at the end of the run, mostly because I was not reduced to a worthless sack of shit for the rest of this afternoon.

Next Week:

Mon: Recovery, A.M. 6 mi. P.M. 4 mi.
Tues: 10 mi. W/ 10X100 Strides
Wed: Medium Long Run, 13 mi.
Th: Recovery, 6 mi.
Fri: Medium Long Run, 13 mi.
Sat: Recovery, 6 mi
Sun: Long Run, 19 miles

Total: 78 Miles

"It is called 'Celebration,' it is sexual and violent!"

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