Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday Night Run

I think I mentioned it in Monday's email, but I plan on running from my house tonight (5:50) to the Square (6:00) for our WNR. Also, read Alex's plea for volunteers below for this Saturday's QueerJam aka BikeJam.

So I was reading a little more about the Columbia Triathlon this past weekend, here's a good article Triathlete Magazine wrote about it. Apparently Chris McCormack and a few others may have been turned off course. Not exactly sure where it happened, but I can guess.

Also, apparently someone suffered a really bad crash and had to be airlifted out, which may have affected some of the later waves. Hopefully it didn't affect anyone that would have been faster than me (I don't think it did). Still, that sucks to have happen in a race. Interestingly enough, last year when I went to Columbia the week prior to ride the course, we got stuck on a road because a cyclist had been hit by a car. Helicopter had to touch down on someone's front lawn in order to airlift them out.

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