Thursday, May 22, 2008

24 Weeks

There are twenty-four weeks until the New York Marathon. On Monday I started my marathon specific training.

I am using the plan outlined in Pete Pfitzfinger's Advanced Marathoning. I chose this plan because a friend of mine had great success with it (2:40:06 at Boston). One benefit of this program is that every day is planned for me, which eliminates the difficult question of "what should I do today?" I also really like Pete's heavy reliance on tempo runs and pace runs as opposed to intervals.

The next ten weeks are my first mesocycle of endurance base training, which means you probably wont see much in the way of race results from me this summer. I want to race, but I am starting to view the NY marathon as super important. This year will be my last year when I have oodles of time to train because I am a student. I really don't foresee me getting a better opportunity to run a fast marathon.

Here is week one's schedule for anyone who wants to follow along. So far I am actually a few miles ahead of schedule because I ran further than I was supposed to on Tuesday (I got very lost on a logging road).

Monday: Recovery, 6 Mi.
Tuesday: General Running, 7 miles plus 10x100 strides
Wednesday: Recovery, 5 miles
Thursday: Medium long-run, 1o miles
Friday: Recovery, 6 miles
Saturday: Recovery, 6 miles
Sunday: Medium long-run, 15 miles

Week Total: 55 miles


Christine said...

That's a great book! I used it for my first marathon. It's great the way it sets up plans for 50, 70, and 90 mile weeks so you can choose what works with your mileage and make adjustments depending on how your training is going. I would recommend it for anybody that is running a fall marathon.

RM said...

Wow, look at this: 1) Jake being methodical about training and taking it super serious, which is awesome and 2) Christine posting a comment!

As for me, I still haven't f'ing heard whether I'm in the marathon; despite signing up WEEKS ago and the fact that Justin and Allison heard back. I'm growing more and more aggravated.

My training plan will be to continue to ride upwards of 200 miles per week throughout the summer and swim at least 4 times a week, while only running 45 miles. Then at some point I may decide to just run. Either way I'll be way behind you on the training.

RM said...

Okay nevermind, I finally heard that I am in. Phew!

Still won't change my training strategy...ha!