Saturday, April 5, 2008

R-R-Race Report

First Half Marathon turned out O.K. Ryan, I will see you in NYC. I think the final time was 1:19:03. I felt fairly solid at 10 miles (59:30) but kinda fell apart on 12 and 13. No matter.
The weather was cold and rainy and aside from about a mile of running on snow, fairly fast. A train blocked the finish about five minutes after I was done. I might have exploded if it had messed up qualifying.



kipchirchir said...

Nice work Jake!

RM said...

Holy crap - how the F do you run these times?! And you were thinking about running 6:20s to start, crazy. That's a great time man, congrats, that puts you on the top of TWSS Half Marathon times for the year (consists of you and me).

Johnnie Cochran said...

Race results are up. As you can see, I kind of got caught up in a race.