Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lets do this

I know that there has been some talk amongst our group of doing Hood to Coast or something of that ilk. Well, the Green Mountain Relay would be a good first outing in the world of relays. We could hone our van skillz and see if we enjoy it without having to travel to Oregon.


I would prefer to do the six man event, each person covering about 35 miles, but if there is high interest, a twelve man division is availble. I have access to a mini-van. The course looks like it is good.

The race is June 21'st. 200 miles, over 24 hours long.


Terence aka LT said...

Ummm... Do they have a 24person team? You know we dont run that long.

THE KRIS said...

yeah, i think all that clean air has gone to your head. i know it would be tough getting enough people, but i might be interested in 15- 20 miles... i'm not sure i have 35 in me.

Johnnie Cochran said...

No, no you guys have it all wrong.

The legs are shorter, you take turns running and riding in the van. More likely you run 12+12+11 or something to than nature. It is spread out over 24 hours.