Monday, April 21, 2008

112th Boston Marathon

Lance Armstrong looks old. And heavy. And he's still faster than most of us.

Live! Results from the 112th Boston Marathon:

Lee DiPietro - 3:05:09 (second in age group it appears)
Collin Anderson - 2:58:57
Mike "Zero" Mashner - 3:06:40
Joel "Barf" Gladfelter - 3:23:54

And last, but not least, honorary TWSS member, Lance Armstrong - 2:50:58. First half was 1:26:52, second half was 1:24:08. Yeah, that's right, he negative split that shhhh.

I'm going to leave this up there for a little while before I post the remainder of this past weekend's race results

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Andy G said...

Nice races. I think I will start training for a marathon down here in a month and a half. Actually, I will probably wait a couple weeks.