Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Few Updates

Before I forget...

I'll be booking a hotel for Philly this weekend. I know, I've been slacking, but I've been swamped with work and quite overwhelmed trying to make the time to train and recover these days. I'll let everyone know where I've booked on the blog.

Wednesdays - I sent a message to everyone today. It looks like Kris ran from my house, did anyone join him? It was gorgeous today and I half felt bad about not running, but I needed the day to just swim, and go to the game. Future Wednesdays I think I'm going to alternate between running here and running at the store. I need to ride my bike, and I also have a need to do brick workouts. As long as I can be promised that no one is going to crush me and pick up the pace, I'll plan on being at one of the runs next Weds.

Friday - running at the Park at 4:30 and then going to go straight to the game I figure. Brennan says tickets shouldn't sell out, but it is always a possibility. We should at least plan on getting there prior to opening pitch.

If you're looking for a challenging 10k this weekend, head down to Clyde's. Good post-race food, probably among the best at a race that you'll do. Also, sign up for Pike's Peek and Broad Street!

And Alex, holler if you want to ride tomorrow. My boss is in town, so my tentative plan is this: if he leaves early enough, I may take my TT bike out since I haven't ridden it yet and need to do so prior to Saturday. If he doesn't leave early enough, I'll head up to the TNR at Owings Mills.

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brennan said...

Ryan, I'm hoping to make it next Wednesday and will certainly not be pushing the count me in. If you guys run into troubles on Friday with tickets, give me a call and I can make arrangements to get you guys in.