Monday, March 10, 2008

What About Falls Road??

Alright, this bothers me. I know that we are a team of good athletes that like running for running's sake and enjoy hanging out, and never take ourselves too seriously - BUT we are still very competitive. I also know that Georgetown Running Company has quite a few ringers, as do the Pacers out of Northern VA, and of course Howard County Striders do too.

But after reading the Georgetown Running Company's blog comments (and watching the short video of Bert) I got a little upset. We should be brought up in every conversation of best local running teams. Certainly we are the most fun and also the sexiest, and when we're in shape I'd say we can compete with them. Especially considering Kip, Dave and Kyle would likely place in front of any of their top person(s).

So it's some food for thought, check out the blog and the subsequent comments. I'll be back on Wednesday, we can start planning for Rockville Twilight 8k and how we'll beat them all there. Hope it was a good run tonight at Fed Hill, sorry I had to miss. Instead I ran around Annapolis until I nearly crapped my pants from the crappy food they gave us for lunch. Then we got to eat at the Officer's Club at the Naval Academy, which was pretty neat. I was going to run to the Merritt down here tomorrow morning and swim, but apparently it doesn't have a pool so it looks like I'm out of luck.

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KLIM said...

I love it!

Friendly competition gets us all better. Bert bleeds to beat me and I bleed to beat Bert, but after the race we sit down play poker together and drink scotch.

See you on Sunday at Shamrock.