Thursday, March 13, 2008

NCAA Tournament

March is here and if it weren't for being super windy all the time, it would be the best month ever because of the NCAA Tournament. Even though the Terps will not be participating, we'll have some representation at least by Marquette (Brennan), Miami (Kris), Wisconsin (Alex), and well that's probably it. No Syracuse, no Maryland, no Georgia Tech or Virginia.

Anyway, I sent out an email but if you didn't get it or don't bother to look, just go to and sign up (you may already have a username and password). Then do a search for Groups, and type in Terps in 09. It is public so anyone can join, so pass it on, and it's free. Just a fun little thing. If anyone is interested in getting into some real pools, let me know.

The brackets will be set on Sunday night, so you can make your picks between Sunday and Thursday at noon.

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