Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Start of a Great Week

Reasons this week is going to be great:

1) Orioles' home opener is tomorrow. I get excited for baseball at two points during the year, and opening day is one. Let's go O's!

2) The return of Tuesday Night Track. It takes me a while to get psyched for it, but I'm now ready to spend every Tuesday for the next 7+ months at track practice.

3) Cherry Blossoms! Of course I can't go this year, but it's a fun time in DC nevertheless.

So here's a quick weekend recap: Justin, Tom Stott aka Scotty, Spence and Allison Gerbereux (Justin's better half) were all in action down at the Charlottesville Ten Miler. The Baltimore running power couple (our version of Brangelina or something) stole the show with dual age group wins, with Justin rolling to an 18th place overall finish at 58:20 and Allison taking 7th overall Female in the compelling time of 1:11:11. Tom Stott improved vastly on his Club Challenge time, rocking a 1:03:21, and Spence also bettered his CC time by about a minute, finishing in 1:07:35.

Down in North Carolina at the Raleigh Relays, Dave Berdan raced to an 18th place finish in the seeded race with a 14:34, a great time considering he's been running again for just over a month. Somewhere in Maryland at a random 5k that "may have been short", Chris Nowakowski took first in 15:24 and Sean McCarthy finished 2nd in 16:08.

Finally, our Purple Drink Athlete of the Week award goes to Dave Ploskonka, whose PR race down at the National Marathon in DC (2:59:53) warranted the laurels.

We had a great run today in the woods, with Jake Marren making the guest visit, Sean and Eric coming with hangovers, Kip feeling good, Travis, Kris, and some of our new friends in running, Matt Cornwell and Steph Snyder, and their dog. It was a good, albeit chilly, 13 mile jaunt through Patapsco. Always nice to have a big group running a long run. We even saw Coach Chad and Will Knox after we got back, who had just finished their own run.

DON'T FORGET - Tuesday track this week, workout starts at 7pm, be there at least by 6:30 to warmup. Also, register for Broad Street, Pike's Peek, etc., and let me know if you'll be staying with us in Philly for Broad Street. Cherry Blossom is this Sunday, for those who are running, and other than that, I guess that's about it!

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