Monday, March 31, 2008

Our Dumb World - From "The Onion"

A friend of mine alerted me about something in "The Onion" about Kenya. It is entitled "Running 26.2 miles from their problems." Knowing our group, I know most of you will find some of the stuff they have there to be really funny ... I was in tears when I read them and I thought I would share with you. Click on this link

Trust me, you will enjoy reading it, just click on the "onions on the map."

Still hesitant? Here is one of the pop-ups "Village where carbo-loading means eating four grains of rice."


THE KRIS said...

"chase between kenyan woman and kenyan rapist entering seventh grueling hour"... that's genius.

Alex said...

Hilarious. Not that we were in short supply but I think we've got enough jokes to last us through 7 months of TNT workouts.


RM said...

Yeah I was too sick to even bring this up tonight. I did, however, start working (finally) on a nickname for Kris. I think King Tut, Tut or King is going to work, seeing as he is Egyptian.

Alex said...

I'm still a fan of "really Old Kris" both as a nick name and a person.