Monday, February 25, 2008

TWSS 2008 Top Performances

The Team That's What She Said 2008 Top Times are updated through February.

Lots of fast times and new names. Some highlights:
  • The 10M categories have been completely filled out for both the men and women by yesterdays RRCA 10M challenge and now boast 10 sub 1:02 and sub 1:24 performances respectively . Great showings on such a tough course but expect quite a bit of shuffling in the rankings after Broad Street and Cherry Blossom.
  • Becky Parks breaking in the Woman's Marathon section with a PDAW performance.
  • Tom Stott is the first person to bump someone down with 18:56 5k (2nd place). Jim has the dubious honor of being on the receiving end.
  • Barf bettered his own 200m indoor season best with a 56.52

Things to watch for next month:
  • The Shamrock 5K promises to fill out both the mens and womens 5k results - sign up before the end of the month to get the early registration price.
  • B&A Marathon and Half-Marathon is this weekend and a good time to get in two relatively quite categories.
  • Some of us might head up to NY to race at the Armory and close out our team's first indoor season.
Great job everyone, let's get ready for some fast spring times. Train hard. Train smart.


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RM said...

Thanks for putting that together Alex! The B&A half is filled up, I'm pretty sure, and is probably a very boring race to do anyway. Frederick half is still open, but that's the same day as Broad St. Marathons are WIDE open for some people to sneak onto the board, although I have a sneaking suspicion that this is NOT the year of the marathon, and anyone doing one will do so later in the fall.

ALSO, thinking about having an "old guy" category. What age should we put that at? Based on this past weekend, if we made it 30+, then the combo of Steve, Justin, Ben and Kris would be holding it down on the "young folks".