Sunday, February 24, 2008

Club Challenge Results

Thanks to all who showed up for the good of the team, especially Kipchirchir. I know you really didn't want to race, but I think it was good for you to get out there and stretch it out. Nothing catapults you into shape like racing, so thanks for doing it. I owe you one.

Of course, as you know by now, we lost a close one in the Ladies' race, scoring 39 to Howard County's 33. That included great performances by Denise, Kristen, Melissa (1:08:42!), Alana, "The Princess" Anastasia, Claire, Jen, Becca, Diane, Eve and Emily. Diane - awesome job in what I believe is your longest race, and Eve and Emily - great job working together for huge PRs!

The men's race, unfortunately, was not even close. We would have needed Kyle, Dave and Spider to be come out, and banner days from everyone else, to have even made it close. They scored 95 to our 345. They had 15 in before our 5, and 17 under an hour. I will say, I'm super proud of Kip for taking out Kent by 1 second and, despite finishing 2nd, Kip finished 1st for team scoring. Steve Levin, the birthday boy, held it DOWN, running a stellar 57:33. We had a guest appearance from Mike Marsteller, followed by the big man, Justin Gerbereux, and then myself. Arjun was just behind me, and then it was Will, Alex, Ben, Terence, Collin, Doug, Kris, Mellow and Zero rounding out our top 15, all under 1:03.

What it came down to today wasn't about winning or losing (cliche), but really about getting together as a team. While most of us see one another on Mondays, we don't get the chance to all kick it that often, other than the Birthday Party and other select races. I reprieve you from all competing in this race next year, unless of course you want to try and take on the evil Striders again. I, for one, am planning on racing Boston 2009, which means reversing my schedule to hit USXC Champs, and Club Challenge will wind up being a big test event.

Next BIG event is Shamrock 5k, if you haven't registered, try to do that prior to March 1 when the rates go up! Then we'll start getting signed up for Broad Street soon too.

Club Challenge Individual Results

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some cool pics of the start and then some good shots of individual finishes